Andy Gwynn

… the Professional Speaker

People who want their Teams, Businesses & Organisations to perform at higher levels will book me to speak on a number of topics.

My most passionate Keynote Speeches are:

“Reboot Your Neck Top Computer, Install More RAM & Delete Those Viruses”  

Why most people know what to do BUT don’t do it?

Your Download to High Speed Performance & Profitability


Download the free ‘How do you know that you have got the right speaker for the job’ eBook now!


Your audience will leave with tried & tested tools to help them gain confidence, avoid self – sabotaging their actions and quash the limiting beliefs that hold them back from getting the results that they are capable of.

We all have this “little voice” that can either serve us or hinder us. At some level we collude with ourselves and avoid achieving greater results.

You & your people will obtain ideas, tools and strategies that you can use immediately to cut through the chaff, get more focussed and achieve the results and profitability that you deserve.


“Increasing your sales”

The 7 touch process from appointment to meeting that’s guaranteed to help you increase your conversion rate and

The 5 step process to overcoming any sales objection



How to network effectively and confidently for profit:

Most people realise that Business Networking is essential for generating leads and growing sales and yet so many people do not know how to network effectively. They underutilise this powerful and cost effective marketing strategy.

My  “Networking for Profit” keynote presentation will show your audience how they can network professionally. They will understand how to “work the room” with confidence, build contacts and generate profitable business.

I specialise in working with professional services. I have trained and coached lawyers and solicitors, IFAs, insurance brokers and Accountants to network effectively and profitably.


“Implementing powerful referral strategies into your business”

Every business that I have ever spoken with says that they get business through referral. They also say that referral business is the easiest to sell to.

Most then admit, when asked, that they do not have a consistent process in place to ask every client for referrals. Why is this?

I talk with passion and experience on how to create and implement cost effective referral strategies into your business.

I will show you how to create “The WOW Factor” with your clients that will have them sending you new business referrals for life!

I have been trained by some of the world’s best. I have studied with Brad Sugars, T. Harv Eker, Blair Singer as well as many colleagues within The Professional Speakers Association (PSA)

I have also spoken alongside Paddi Lund, Jeffrey Gitomer, Keith Cunningham, Steve Cunningham, Brad Sugars and Dolf De Roos.


“Speaking and selling effectively from stage”

This is probably the most powerful strategy you could use to build credibility for you and your business and speed up your sales cycle.

My key marketing strategy to build two businesses has been to speak from stage.

I have also coached dozens of businesses, from bakers and web designers to accountants, restauranteurs and engineers to do the same.

So whether you need me as a keynote speaker to add value to your conference or event and inspire your audience to targeted results and profitability


You want me to help you develop your speaking and presenting skills to help you market and sell more effectively, then call me NOW on 0845 004 1822.

I’m looking forward to helping you achieve, sell and make more.


Testimonial from Paul Ribbons